Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Life in every drop.

According to the spontaneous experience of hundreds of users of water revived by AQUA SANATURA technology ® , indoor and garden plants do better! Vegetables, fruits, flowers and your lawn are better stimulated after being watered by revived water.

The reason is simple. In the treated water substances achieve higher activity due to an improved dispersion of the solution. Increased hydration ability of water is manifested here - suppressing electrostatic interactions between ions of dissolved substances.

Better taste and longer life of fruits and vegetables, higher yields, healthier plants - these are the main benefits of revitalized water use in the garden and home.

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Nature has already chosen - what do you choose?

Animals are inherently closely associated with natural forces. In this connection they perceive many things that have been hidden to the humans of "modern times" . Consequently, provided they remain constantly vigilant, they are able to easily distinguish which water supports life and better health.

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Due to a higher rate of structural order, the revitalized water has denser consistency close to the water from springs and wells. In addition, chlorine odor has been reduced in water from public water systems. Based on tasting tests carried out by an independent research institute, water after revitalization has a restorative, purifying and warming effect on the body.

Clean and cozy home that protects nature

The laundry with treated water - depending on the type of detergent, water hardness and degree of soiling, _ washing effect is increased by up to 30%.

These results came from tests carried out on bleached and raw cotton textiles at the Research Institute in Brno. Water used for the washing came from the water supply network in Brno, in the first case it was softened by the ion exchange, in the second not softened. As is evident, the revitalization of the water has been successful both in soft water and hard.

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When washing, it is possible to achieve savings of up to 33% depending on water hardness, type of detergent, and the degree of soiling.

Healthy with softer water

Domácnost a zahradaThe users of AQUA SANATURA revitalizing technology ® can find the physical softening of the treated water as a very interesting effect. Due to a finer dispersion of solutes in the solution, it effectively reduces the formation of scale deposits in water pipes. Revitalizing technology as a "side effect" of energy and structural reorganization of water protects the actual distribution of water and its effect can fully replace or even surpass the various equipment against scale based on the principles of magnetic influence.

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