Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Water is essential for all life on Earth. It is perceived by many researchers as an intermediary between heaven and earth, between soul and body, which in continuous motion gives rise to all known forms of life to us.

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Every living organism on Earth contains a substantial proportion of water. It is generally known that in the human body water takes about 2/3 of the total body weight. However, a less well known fact is that 99.99% of all molecules of the human body are the molecules of water!1 Therefore, a person can withstand living without water for up to 100 hours, while they can survive without other nutrients for weeks, even months.


Unlike other substances on Earth, water is endowed with many physico-chemical traits or "anomalies" (69 of which have been described so far)2 which allows it to fulfill its unique mission - to serve life. The cause of these extraordinary powers of water are attractive forces between water molecules.3, Thus, water together with dissolved substances bind to supramolecular structures (clusters)4, which are the basis of the existence of the internal structure of water (the water structure). This attributes a specific, unique character to each specific water.

It is the aim of water revitalizing that the immature molecular structure of water overcome the energy barrier that prevents them from their path to greater structuring and thus become more stable – with all the positive impacts on living organisms. See Water and Energy.

Voda základ života

According to recent findings in the structure of water, the most stable and therefore the mostly represented formations are regular icosahedrons , which were assigned to water by Greek philosopher Plato (Platonic solids)5) in the 4th century BC. Of course, not all water molecules form the regular icosahedrons. This is only an ideal state to which structure is directed and in which liquid water is the most stable.
For living organisms on the Earth, however, it is an advantage if such biogenic organic substances (DNA, proteins, enzymes, etc.) contained in the water are surrounded by regular formations. In case that this includes the ions and minerals and trace elements, these are finely dispersed in the solution (distributed) and incorporated directly into the structures of the above described bodies of water (clusters). Only then both biogenic macromolecules and particles of mineral substances in living organisms reach their maximum stability and efficiency (activity).

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