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       Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Revitalization of water ≈ physical refreshment of water acting on the submicroscopic level.

The revitalization of water is a phenomenon by which a part of the energy of water streams is transferred to the water molecules . This energy is instantly used to create and consolidate bonds in the internal structure of water - bonds between water molecules and particles dissolved in water. In nature, this process of continuous process of internal information remodeling and construction is happening consistently in the unaffected underground and above the ground streams of all sizes. The aim is to increase the orderliness, order, stability and activity of natural water constituents involved and their maximum effectiveness in living organisms!

Princip revitalizaceAsk yourself, what is this living water? From our many years of experience water is ductile, water that is able at any moment to adapt to the needs of life on this planet. It is not frozen or closed in its action, it is not distracted. On the contrary, it welcomes all new substances with open arms and with unceasing construction and reconstruction of its internal structure. It is able to disperse these in its capacity as perfectly as possible and create a protective shell for maximum efficiency and stability. Such is the water - a caring parent inspiring to activity.

Conditions of revitalization

The conditions for the revitalization of water include the natural way of flow! Wherever this is not possible, where the water is retained for any purpose in closed containers or pipes, treated with chemical products, exposed to heat or kept constantly under the pressure of many atmospheres, in all these places water revitalization can not occur naturally. This water suffers and suffers as well as those who are reliant on its long-term use: plants, animals and people. Therefore, the idea of revitalization of water in bio-technical way at the point of consumption was developer.

Technical principle of revitalization through AQUA SANATURA technology – imitation of natural processes in an artificial way.

It is a reality today, that in the long term many water supply points do not show the same water quality as natural springs and mountain streams. And it does not concern only water from public water systems. The way of managing the landscape interfere with the underground water cycle as well!

Technical revitalization of water establishes conditions for the transfer of motion (kinetic) energy of the water flow to the position (potential) energy of water molecules. The result is a resurgent structure of water.

The main part of the revitalization takes place in a flow-through device, where the water flows through the channels of a specific organization. It is therefore a so-called hydrodynamic treatment. Revitalizing process that began in the device continues even after emerging from the water outlet - and in a few hours. At that time, the new structural forms in water stabilize. Nature of water treated and untreated, however, is evident even after several months (verified by an independent laboratory). Over time, however, influence of revitalization weakens.