Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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AQE - P Series

Řada AQE-PModels of AQE-P series are used for water revitalization in private and public swimming pools, wellness centers, spa complexes, large aqua-parks, etc.


Use: Swimming pools, whirlpools (e.g. jacuzzi), other water attractions.

Installation place: In general, model AQE - P as advanced equipment is usually installed as by-pass straight into water circuits, specifically after the point of water filter, or sensors, pumps and UV lamp, but before chemical dispensing systems.

In the case of use in whirlpool (jacuzzi) we recommend to place the unit to water pump circuit. This guarantees maximum efficiency and long life of water revitalization unit.

For more detailed information or specialized consultation it is highly recommended to contact our specialists or our professional counselor.

Example of installation:

Příklady instalace AQE-P