Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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AQE - H Series

Products from AQE - H series are designed mainly for water revitalization in the flats, family houses and apartment buildings, boarding houses and hotels, restaurants, teahouses, cafes, offices and small operations.

Models AQE-H 075 2G and AQE-H 075+ 2G are suitable as alternative or supplement of model AQE-P - in case it is used for water revitalization in whirlpools or special swimming pool water circuits.

When you are considering the right size (model) to choose, it is necessary to consider some important parameters. The most important is fully educated and qualified estimation, measurement of possible minimum and maximum prompt water consumption (min/max water flow) in a place where you want to install water revitalization unit. The main points are: to prevent water pressure loss (and prevent low water flow), especially during rush hours and also to maintain an optimal and sufficient level of water revitalization even at minimum flow rates.

Therefore we highly recommend to consult optimal selection with trained professionals!


The most common installations of models AQE - H series:

AQE-H 038AQE-H 038 2G   

Use: 1 tap - home, office.

Installation place: Local installation on cold water intake - before kitchen tap.

Recommended water flow rate: 1 to 6 l / min

Examples of installation:

AQE-H 038


AQE-H 050AQE-H 050 2G

Use: Shower, bathroom, one supply point, one tap - households, wellness, sports, commercial operations.

Installation place: Local installation in showers, baths on mixed by hot water for the shower / bath taps or cold water before cooking battery with higher demands for water flow.

Recommended water flow rate: 2 to 15 l / min

Examples of installation:

AQE-H 050

AQE-H 075



AQE-H 075AQE-H 075 2G

Use: houses, guest houses, offices, etc.

Installation place: We recommend to install this unit on a central/main water supply in place after water meter. In case you are using own water source from e.g. private wells, and you also have a facility that maintains a constant water pressure in the system (often in combination with small pressure tank with the volume of about 10 liters) it is recommended to install AQE - H - 075 unit in place behind this system.
If you would like to have water revitalization unit system, where a pressure switcher and a large pressure storage water tank is used (with volumes 100 liters/galons and more) we recommend to use model AQE - H 100 instead.
It is also possible to install this unit to the water intake from tank of solar water heating system,

Recommended water flow rate: 3 to 30 l / min

Examples of installation:


AQE-H 100AQE - H 100 2G

Use: family houses, guest houses and buildings with own well or other private water sources that use large water tanks with the volumes of 100 liters and more.

Installation place: The best place for installation is on the main water supply - anywhere between the pump and water tank, most often in covered rooms just before the water tank.

Recommended water flow rate: 4 - 50 l / min



 Examples of installation:

instalace 2G plus

instalace velké vejce





More information

During water revitalization a fully natural process of water softening occurs. Actually, as a side effect of water revitalization process, energetic and structural reorganization of water is produced, which protects water distribution system. This process is more effective and can be an alternative solution (in some cases even better) than various equipment or devices against limescale that are based on the principle of magnetic influence on water.

Revitalizing units are usually installed:

  • behind magnetic water treatment system, UV lamps, etc.
  • before or after the ion exchangers (according to specific conditions)