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       Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý

Bathing in water revitalized by AQUA SANATURA technology

... to refresh the body and soul


  • Intensively removes the accumulated fatigue and stress and creates a feeling of freshness and relaxation
  • Increases the rate of hydration of the skin, hair and mucous membranes, as well as the internal environment of the organism
  • Relieves skin problems - such as atopic eczema - when in contact with sensitive skin
  • Depending on the selected revitalization device and the level of hardness in treated water , the water is perceived as softer, silky, smooth and pleasant to the skin


It is important to note that during baths or showers the organism receives water and the dissolved minerals (essence of balneotherapy) to an extent depending on the time spent in the water. Water with dissolved substances penetrates through the skin directly into the blood and lymphatic circulation of the body. Some substances are also temporarily accumulated under the skin or are gradually released from there into the body.


On the other hand, a certain amount of the substances dissolved in body water leaves from the body while having a bath - especially waste substances such as urea, uric acid, ammonia, and others. Regular home "balneotherapy" can help to maintain the health of the whole organism.

KoupelnyPenetration of substances through the skin is enhanced at higher temperature of baths, baths longer duration and higher mineralization. Also, the presence of dissolved carbon dioxide helps the absorption of substances related to it. Also the form of dissolved substances should be as gentle as possible - the rate of their distribution in the solution has to be maximized. A revitalizing device can play very positive role in this process. For example, it was demontrated that the average size of associates of colloidal silver in water once modified by AQUA SANATURA revitalizating devices, was immediately reduced by ¼ of its original size in comparison with untreated water. Also fluids containing CO2, eg mineral water used in balneology, have significantly more CO2 incorporated into their structures after revitalization, whether in the form nanobubbles or carbonic acid.