Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Enjoy the power of a mountain stream in your own pool

Bazény, wellness a SpaMovement is a sign of life. Actually, water is chemically treated in your swimming pools, whirlpools or hot tubs is chemically and microbiologically treated. However, physical conditions are of very bad quality, especially due to a lack of proper hydrodynamic conditions that provide regeneration - natural revitalization that is common in natural water sources.

In general AQUA SANATURA technology for water revitalization brings energy back to water and restores natural power of a mountain spring in treated water. The power of revitalized water is well perceptible and is of course also proven by the laboratory tests. We can say that vital, revitalized water refreshes and forwards all its power and energy to everything that it is in contact with. This process is very beneficial. Chemically treated water is “tired” and "dead", even though this water is safe for us. It unfortunately takes energy from human organism and thus it makes our body weaker.

What to expect from water revitalized by AQUA SANATURA technology:

  • unmistakable, or even surprising feeling of freshness and release of accumulated tension and mental stress, water is perceived as soft, silky, smooth and pleasant to the skin, which is also associated with higher hydration ability of treated water
  • improvement of the water microbiological quality in swimming pools
  • significant reduction of the required amount of chlorine disinfection (according to conditions up to 50 %) while maintaining the prescribed values of the redox potential - this is positively manifested in lower irritation of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes by chlorine
  • less chlorine flavour and odor while maintaining the same chlorine dozing
  • water stays fresh and clean longer

Installing revitalizing technology is very beneficial to the pool with chlorine disinfection as well as to the pool with salty water or treated with active oxygen .

Bazény, wellness a Spa

Laboratory tests prove that thanks to AQUA SANATURA technology for water revitalization you will save up to 30% of chemicals that are usually needed for proper disinfection processes.
Experience from common life and local swimming pools show, however, that you can save up to 50% of chemicals!

Bazény, wellness a Spa