Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Have the best quality water for your guests


When you are on holiday, a trip or just on a business trip, quality and good water is necessary part for comfort, rest and relaxation at your stay.
Offer refreshment and energy to your guests when they use a shower or bath to relax after a busy day or a challenging trip. Give them regeneration and pleasure feeling from wellness or hotel whirlpool. It is certainly the main goal of every entrepreneur in this business.

  • Drinking water is very fresh with a delicate flavour.
  • Shower or bath provide pleasant feeling full of refreshment and regeneration thanks to better hydration
  • You can reduce use of chemicals at your pool, revitalized water provides noticeably softer water in swimming pools and velvet comfort from swimming

Hotely a restaurace

AQUA SANATURA® technology effectively improves the ability of refreshing behaviour of water and therefore it is significantly beneficial for the guest satisfaction.


High quality gastronomy, based on the quality of all raw ingredients, should not forget the vital role of fresh natural water - not only when you prepare healthy meals but also if you strive to provide quality drinking regime for your visitors. In addition, revitalized water is beneficial for better and efficient absorption of minerals and vitamins and it also highlights natural flavours of food.

Hotely a restaurace

Revitalized water, which behaves like softer water, provides more possibilities for better taste, so you can fully enjoy your food, beverages, soups, salad dressings, coffee, tea, etc.

Hotely a restaurace