Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Fresh water for better food quality

In our point of view there is no other industry, where good quality water is so important as it is in case of food industry. Quality water is fundamental for quality food. Proven benefits of AQUA SANATURA® technology predetermine its use in food production, mainly in baking, brewing, bottling of carbonated mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages production, sparkling wines production and also in fermentation processes, etc.


There are three main points to achieve success and the highest quality of bread - to use high - quality flour, leaven and quality water.

Water revitalized by AQUA SANATURA technology:

  • improves quality of the leaven, which is more fluffy, rich and fresh
  • dough rises better and is able to absorb more water while it keeps necessary consistency
  • bread has a delicate flavour and a regular structure, it is more palatable and it is fresh longer



Based on our experience from practical tests carried out in 2011 and 2012, we recommend to use our water revitalization technology on the main input of water - just before water enters to kettles. You can also use revitalization on wort just before primary fermentation when you add yeast.
If you use HGB technology for beer production technology you may consider deploying benefits of water treatment and revitalization with regard to saturation of carbon dioxide.

Based on the way you use the revitalizing technology you can expect the following benefits:

  • full taste of beer
  • fine structure of CO2 in the beer, a longer bite after filling due to its better stabilization
  • shorter time of the main fermentation process
  • raw ingredients saving (malt and hops) due to a better transition of substances to wort



There is a huge loss of natural CO2 when a bottled mineral water is produced. This CO2 loss has to be artificially added afterwards. Final water sparkling is almost never the same as original mineral water sparkling. AQUA SANATURA technology and water revitalization is a possible solution. Treated water has a better ability to dissolve CO2 and other water particles as well. The essence of the process is to increase the distribution of CO2 in water solution which causes a higher rate of water hydration in water molecules. The final result is a smoother and sweeter taste of CO2 in final product - not only in natural mineral waters, but also in other artificially carbonated beverages.